rg (robertgarret) wrote in mooo,

Cross posting fool....

I just got my "you have been inactive for one month, you will be reaped after 4 months of non-use" message a few weeks ago. I still haven't logged back in. Is it worth MOOing anymore? Even on LambdaMoo?
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Lambda MOO is worth mooing on. Tons of fun :)
Odd that I wrote this back in October and then proceeded to log back in and look around.

I just recently got an email saying that I have been inactive for a month...heh...is that irony or just a coincidence? Maybe its "Alanis" irony.
LOL. Could very well be. I just found the post, myself.
I am Chloe_Dancer on Lambda, if you are ever on again.
Feel free to say "hi" :)
I think nostalgia alone will make me log in.

I'm Garret on Lambda. Or maybe Idaho or bowl. I'm not sure...well, I'm all 3 so whatever you pick, that'll be me.
I dunno, really. I pop in for a few minutes here and there, figure out that most of my pals either haven't logged on for ages or have been idling for days, and maybe pop into the LR and realize it's the same 3 people discussing the same topic fast-forwarded 8 years, and that damned annoying "I am your cheese wessel" Guest/Bot.

Is it worth it? I haven't really determined that yet. But it would be nice to see how old friends are doing after all these years. Too bad I have the attention span of a crackfiend.
You've probably read the thread by now, yes?

Who are you on lambda?